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Child Birth And Breastfeeding Education


Educational Classes are encouraged during the developmental stages of your baby. In-home or group setting classes ensure that you are prepared for the Journey ahead. During your classes you will learn how to navigate labor, Birth with understanding, how to successfully breastfeed, and how to tend to your new baby. 

*Certificate of Completion is available to present to Birth Center.  

Labor and Birth


Labor and birth can be the way you Imagine.  No matter if you Labor and Birth at home, in a Birth Center, or Hospital setting the proper support and guidance will be provided. The combination of support and comfort from your family and your support team, is beneficial in facilitating your birth. This service is available to New and Seasoned parents, *Surrogates, and *Mommies with transitioning babies.  

*call and request more information. everyone deserves support!

Postpartum and Newborn Care


Postpartum is a crucial time in Pregnancy. Often referred to as "the 4th trimester" this is the time for rest and nurturing. We will assist with breastfeeding, Postpartum healing and care, Newborn Care, Support you through your parenting choices, and answer any questions you may have. All of these services can be provided to you in the comfort of your home. The goal is to nurture the household, create a rhythm, and work ourselves out of a Job. 

*Surrogates and mommies with babies in transition find this service invaluable!


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This option is available to everyone! If you have questions about pregnancy, postpartum, infant care, breastfeeding, or you are just looking for a knowledgeable, listening ear we guarantee you judgement-free, personalized, and holistic support tailored specifically to you! 

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Kamilah has worked in the Birthing community for 13 years. She provides Child Birth and Breastfeeding education, Birth and Postpartum Doula Support, Infant care classes, Sleep Training, and Placenta encapsulation. Kamilah also serves as an assistant to local Midwives. She believes that life doesn't have to be complicated. She takes the practical approach towards presenting information to new or veteran parents.

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